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Tiger Storage Bridge for Milestone XProtect

Tiger Technology Storage Bridge Plug-in for Milestone XProtect
Enable seamless integration with any cloud provider. Dramatically reduce storage costs and increase data protection.

What makes Storage Bridge such a great plug-in for Milestone XProtect?

Based on Tiger Bridge Real-time Data Protection Technology, Storage Bridge for XProtect is seamless, transparent, and native to the XProtect application.

Ever-increasing storage demands with camera proliferation, hi-resolution video, and prolonged retention policies can challenge your budget. With Storage Bridge, a software-only MIP plugin for Milestone XProtect, organizations can quickly and seamlessly integrate cloud storage with their local storage architecture and always have room for new video while saving up to 80% compared to on-premises hardware.

Storage Bridge Highlights

  • Verified by Milestone
  • Seamless Operation within XProtect
  • Enables access to any cloud provider
  • All XProtect data remains native
  • Flexible Licensing models

Storage Bridge Benefits

  • Always have disk space available
  • Extend local storage to cloud and reduce costs
  • Save high-performance local storage for active files
  • Backup & archive to local disk or any cloud tier
  • Fastest possible Disaster Recovery

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Store more, spend less

Verified by Milestone, Storage Bridge is the only solution that works with both live recording and archive drives.

Storage Bridge automatically moves less accessed video from your local storage to more affordable cloud storage tiers. Access cloud data directly from within the XProtect interface and continue working as usual. Users always have access to recorded data – just scroll through the timeline and Storage Bridge seamlessly retrieves video to XProtect. Storage Bridge also provides the fastest possible recovery in the event of a disaster. All video and metadata needed by XProtect can immediately be available when using Storage Bridge.

Use Tiger Bridge on your File Server too!

In addition to using the Storage Bridge plugin for Milestone XProtect, you can also use Tiger Bridge to reduce your overall storage requirements and costs. Tiger Bridge reclaims space on your file server’s local drive by migrating inactive files to cloud storage. Tiger Bridge is an advanced file system filter driver that seamlessly adds this sophisticated capability to your file system.

Learn more about Tiger Bridge for file server applications.