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Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

Assuring network performance and quality of experience for your users requires a thorough understanding of who and what is connected to your network, what applications are running, what resources they are consuming and when. Allot ClearSee Network Analytics gives you clear visibility of your network’s traffic, helping you to prioritize, control and secure the network to ensure it meets your needs and your users’ expectations.


Business Intelligence that Drives Application Performance and User Satisfaction

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics turns big data from your network into meaningful business intelligence for the decision-makers in your organization. By transforming data into actionable, predictive insight through statistical analysis, it empowers broadband service providers to operate their networks more efficiently and to get closer to their customers with more effective targeting.Allot ClearSee allows you to capture a rich variety of application, subscriber, device and QoE data from your own networks and turn that source data into the information necessary to drive application performance and user satisfaction.

Customizable Self-Service Approach to Analytics

Tools include a full complement of report dashboards for mining network, application, user, device and quality of experience data, plus a dedicated Self-Service module for exploring fresh perspectives and gaining deeper insight. Allot’s self-service approach allows you to synthesize and analyze large varieties and volumes of data with extreme efficiency, making it easy to mine relevant data. Allot frees you from the limits of a predefined set of reports or a specific way to analyze data, so you can build analyses and reports without the need for software development or upgrades. Consequently, with Allot ClearSee Analytics, you can be more responsive to new challenges and opportunities, and can gain insight into how to dramatically improve your network performance, user satisfaction and productivity.