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Fibre Optic Products for Data Centre & Optical Distribution Network

Use Case for Data Centre Fibre Cabling Solutions

A meticulously designed cabling solution is essential for a data center environment that demands increased speed, optimal space utilisation, and top-notch performance in connections. We are committed to crafting a cabling system tailored to your requirements, ensuring a secure and comprehensive infrastructure solution. Additionally, Uniqmac offer a range of networking infrastructures to enhance connectivity within the data center.


Diagram Abbreviation
1) MPO Trunk cable; MTP Trunk cable
2) Fibre adapter panel frame
3) MPO-LC harness cable
4) 3U UHD MTP-LC 288F patch panel-12 cassettes
5) 1U 144F Slide drawer 19″ Rack mount Patch panel-12 modular
6) 19′ Rack mount Patch panel-Modular Design
7) 2U 288F Slide drawer 19″ Rack mount Patch panel-24 modular
8) 4U 576F Slide drawer 19″ Rack mount Patch panel-48 modular
9) MTP-LC Harness cable
10) LC Duplex patch cable

Use Case for Optical Distribution Network (ODN) Cabling Solutions

The Optical Distribution Network (ODN) plays a crucial role in transmitting data within a Passive Optical Network (PON) and significantly impacts the performance, dependability, and expandability of the PON system. It serves as the physical conduit for optical transmission between the OLT and the ONT, with a range of 20 km or more. The ODN encompasses optical fibers, fiber optic connectors, passive optical splitters, and supplementary components working in tandem.

The ODN is divided into five distinct segments: feeder fiber, optical distribution point, distribution fiber, optical access point, and drop fiber. The feeder fiber initiates from the optical distribution frame (ODF) in the central office (CO) telecommunications room and extends to the optical distribution point for long-distance coverage. The distribution fiber extends from the optical distribution point to the optical access point, distributing optical fibers to adjacent areas. The drop fiber links the optical access point to terminals (ONTs), facilitating the delivery of optical fibers to user residences. Additionally, the ODN is the critical pathway for PON data transmission, directly influencing the PON system’s performance, reliability, and scalability.

Uniqmac offers a range of ODN products such as ODF, FDB, FTB, FATC, OCC, fibre patch panels, optical splitters, fibre optic closures, and various accessories like fibre adapters, fibre optic pigtails and fibre patch cables.