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Short Introduction to PoLRE Switches

The award winning 24 and 48 Port PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) switches deliver ethernet and PoE over a single pair of wire with over 1,200 ft (365 m) reach. This means you can transform your single pair UTP infrastructure into a robust IP backbone with power.

PoLRE was designed to make the modernization to IP quick, easy and cost effective by leveraging an existing single pair UTP in frastructure. Benefits include:
• Accelerating your return on investment by reducing infrastructure costs.
• Collapsing planning and deployment time.
• Eliminating infrastructure barriers, risks, disruption and costs.
• Creating a robust IP platform that is easy to configure, deploy and manage.

Speed, Reach and Power

PoLRE delivers 10 Mbps (symmetrical, full duplex) and PoE over a single pair of UTP with over 1,200 ft (365 m) reach. It is designed to support IP phones and other IEEE compliant devices. No speed degradation with longer reach.

Industry Leading PowerWISE® Technology

Power sharing for redundancy, load balancing, AC/DC options, hot swappable power supply and auto-sensing 100-240 VAC delivering 500 to 1,000 Watts of power. PoLRE is one of the most energy efficient switches on the market, consuming less than 17 Watts of power to operate.

Managed Switch with Plug-and-Play Option
PoLRE can operate in a transparent mode functioning as a bridge, allowing for plug-and-play deployment to a fully managed switch with high value features including:
• Power management by port for easy reset of ports.
• Port MAC locking for higher security and peace of mind.
• Simple Network Manager, an intuitive Web GUI that makes managing the switch a breeze.

PoLRE 24 & 48 Port Managed Switch Technical Specifications

ModelNV-PL-024 & NV-PL-048
Dimensions19 inches (48.26cm) x 1U without rack ears:
•1.75” x 17.13” x 9.92” (HxWxD)
•4.45cm x 43.5cm x 25.2cm (HxWxD)
•Weight 7.94 lb (3.6 kg)
MountingStandalone or rack or shelf-mountable 2 brackets included for installation
Interface: Ethernet Uplink (Trunk IP)Maximum 2 uplinks, each 1Gb/s (full duplex), either:
•2 mini-GBIC ports: 1000 Base-TX/SX/LX/EX/ZX/LHX (determined by SFP, transceiver module installed), Ethernet IEEE 802.3z, fiber optic cable, or
•2 RJ45 ports: 10/100/1000 Base-T auto-sensing, independent speed selection, Ethernet IEEE 802.3, CAT5e copper cable
Interface: Downlink (PoE and IP to Adapter)PL-024: 1 RJ21 male telco connector (standard), 24 pairs used
PL-048: 2 RJ21 male telco connectors (standard), 48 pairs used
Maximum Distance: 1200ft (365m) over CAT3 UTP cable, 24 AWG
Speed: 10 Mbps (full duplex)
Power: 15 Watts
Management1 LAN port (MGMT): RJ45, 10/100 Base-T auto-sensing, IEEE 802.3 1 UART console port: RJ45 to DB9 cable
Power SupplyUnit auto-sensing 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power output: 500W max at 100VAC, 1000W max at 240VAC
Power ConsumptionPL-024: 16.5W PL-048: 22W
Power Injection (PoE)DC voltage: -54VDC; Endpoint devices must be compliant with IEEE 802.3af
PowerWISE® Power Sharing2 male connectors (rear), DC IN and DC OUT: 48VDC to 56VDC
14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
Humidity10% to 95% (non-condensing) at 95°F (35°C)

Phylink Adapter Technical Specifications

ModelNV-PL-PA-011-6 (sold as 6 pack)
Dimensions•0.71” x 1.1” x 2.56” (HxWxD)
•1.8cm x 2.8cm x 6.5cm (HxWxD)
•Weight: 0.78 oz. (22 g)
Interface PoLRE Switch Side1 RJ11 port: CAT3 unshielded single twisted pair cable. Between the wall plate and adapter, you can reuse the existing line cord when doing a DNIC/POTS displacement.
Interface Ethernet side: for IP end point deviceRJ45 port: 10 Base-T
Power Supply48VDC
Power Consumption0.9W
Power Injection (PoE)DC voltage on RJ45 port:
•54V max
•37V when 1200ft (365m) away from its PoLRE Switch powers Class 1, Class 2 and some Class 3 IEEE 802.3af compliant IP devices
Operating Temperature32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Humidity10% to 95% (non-condensing) at 95°F (35°C)
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Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). They simultaneously comply with 1.25Gb/s 1000Base-SX Ethernet and1.063Gb/s Fiber Channel. They are RoHS compliant and lead-free.
NV-PL-1000-PWRExtra power supply that comes standard with the PoLRE switch delivering 500 watts of power if 110v power source or 1,000 watts of power if 220v power source.
NV-PL-PA011-6The Phylink adapters are sold in packages of 6 and are media converters for the PoLRE switch family. They convert a two wire RJ11 connections into a RJ45 connection for standard Ethernet cable.
NV-PL-DCCBLPack of 4 DC cables to connect 4 PoLRE switches together to enable power sharing for redundancy.