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Qumulo File Storage for Milestone VMS

  • Milestone Verified
  • Up to 1000+ Cameras environment

Qumulo File Storage

Qumulo File Storage – Qumulo file storage is purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video workloads of any size.

Qumulo together with Milestone Systems XProtect® deliver a robust video surveillance solution that meets the demands of today and tomorrow’s workflows. As video surveillance data is ingested XProtect® writes the data to Qumulo which stores it in an environment that is fully protected from failures and data loss. Video assets are readily available to Milestone XProtect® users for playback and distribution.

Unlike traditional storage, Qumulo assures the most cost effective fail-proof data protection for small and large files with the use of erasure coding. Unlike triple replication used to protect data by many legacy systems, data is protected with minimal storage overhead. As video content resolutions have increased and is retained longer than in the past, the Qumulo solution provide linear scalability to allow organizations to incrementally grow capacity, using lower cost commodity hardware without downtime.

Key features

  • Cost effective fail-proof data protection and retention management for small and large files
  • Linear scalability to incrementally support higher storage capacity and performance
  • Real-time insight provides data-aware intelligence
  • Support future growth needs to hybrid cloud environments


Qumulo video surveillance file storage with Milestone XProtect workflow

Qumulo’s cloud-based analytics to provide XProtect administrators with real-time insight into the performance capacity and usage, to help mitigate potential business challenges before they occur.




Milestone Verified

Confirmation of Compatibility
Partner: Qumulo Inc.
Partner Product: Qumulo QF2
Milestone Product XProtect®: 2018 R2
Date of Verification: 04-09-2018

Summary of Verification Documentation

The Partner Product’s compatibility is verified by Milestone Engineers. Partner provided Milestone with the following for the verification process:

  • Documentation describing the setup and performance data obtained
  • Screenshots
  • Qumulo QF2 and Milestone XProtect® Reference Architecture
  • Qumulo QF2 architecture and data sheet



Milestone confirms to have reviewed the verification documentation and on the date of such review, and to the best of our knowledge, the Product is compatible with the Milestone XProtect version applied in the testing environment.

About Milestone Verification

Milestone Verification is intended to verify the compatibility of the partner’s specific product, based on the documentation submitted, with a current Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS).

Milestone provides guidance, tools and suggested methods for the verification. The verification setup, configuration, testing and operations are conducted by the partner, and the test result is verified by Milestone.

Milestone does not warrant our partners’ products nor functionalities. Milestone only verify compatibility with the Milestone XProtect version applied in verification tests. Milestone does not verify product compatibility
for installations not comparable with the testing environment.

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