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How to build a separate LAN for your IP voice solution

PoE Power Available to FLEX-Link, FLEX4 and FLEX-C

FLEX-LINK/FLEX420FT (6M)250FT (76M)500FT (152M)750FT (228M)1000FT (305M)1250 (381M)1500FT (457M)1750FT (533M)2000FT (610M)
4 Pair UTP/STP50W47W44W41W38W35W32W30W27W
2 Pair UTP/STP30W30W27W25W22W20W17W14W12W
The FLEX-Link can support up to 50W of power using all 4-pairs or maximum of 30W using 2-pairs. FLEX4 can accept up to 120W of power and it can output up to 30W of power for 802.3af/at compliant devices. To account for cable losses and increase PoE delivery, the FLEX-Link/FLEX4 adapters have the option of using a local external power supply. The FLEX-Link/FLEX4 are IEEE-compliant and will negotiate power with the IP device.
FLEX-C20FT (6M)250FT (76M)500FT (152M)750FT (228M)1000FT (305M)1250 (381M)1500FT (457M)1750FT (533M)2000FT (610M)
4 Pair UTP/STP30W30W30W29W27W26W25W23W22W
2 Pair UTP/STP30W30W27W25W22W20W17W14W12W
The FLEX-C supports IEEE-compliant devices and can support up to 30W of power. If additional power is required use FLEX-Link instead.