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Storage Appliance Optimized for IP Video Surveillance from PROMISE

PROMISE has recently announces the new entry level and cost effective 1RU Storage Appliance – Vess A3120, Uniqmac is the first who brought it into ANZ market due to market demand.

PROMISE Vess A3120 is powered by Intel Core i3 or i7 processor, it is a Storage Appliance for SMB/small installation video surveillance recording. It includes a Client Viewer as a sub model for applications that require 24/7 monitoring. It is certified for several VMS for a complete surveillance system solution, using varied software features across multiple VMS.

Optimized for Video Surveillance by Smart Boost Technology

PROMISE proprietary Smart Boost Technology provides the most stable and high performance storage solution for your surveillance system. Promise Smart Boost Technology significantly improves performance that is otherwise limited by storage equipment bottlenecks. Smart Boost Technology provides the best stability and performance with the highest C/P ratio.

Dedicated NVR + Client Viewer

With built-in GPU, Intel Media SDK and well selected and tested Graphic card implementation, the Vess A3120 speeds up the graphic card performance and other processing. For small to medium sized system deployment demand, the Vess A3120 covers local display AND recording tasks simultaneously to improve cost-effectiveness.

4K Resolution Streaming Supported

Though 4K cameras are currently not widely deployed in surveillance systems, 4K camera
support is an essential feature for areas that require high resolution camera monitoring. The
Vess A3120 features 4K camera streaming for local display to provide high definition imaging of
crucial areas.

Reduce the complexity of Maintenance by OPAS

One Plug Auto Service (OPAS) is a unique feature of Promise Vess App solutions that provides user convenience, reduces complexity for maintenance, and stream- lines technical support. OPAS enables users to collect all the necessary logs and data used by the Promise support team to analyze the status of Vess A-Series Storage appliances

Do you know?

Promise Technology Inc., the leading developer of open storage platforms for video surveillance, has been named the ‘Best Storage Solution Partner’ in Africa by Milestone Systems. Promise has now received this honor from Milestone on two continents, having also been designated as its leading storage solutions partner for the past two years in APAC.

Milestone is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software (VMS), and the company’s relationship with Promise is a longstanding one that enables strategic collaboration. In 2014, Promise became one of the first IT infrastructure vendors to be certified by Milestone, and by continuing to qualify its storage appliances with XProtect® VMS Promise provides customers with even more solutions to solve their security challenges. Integrators and end users designing, installing and operating surveillance systems which incorporate the Vess A-Series storage appliances and XProtect VMS can have confidence that the system will deliver an optimized user experience and perform reliably.

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