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Promise Vess A8020

Optimized for Surveillance

Specially engineered for IP video surveillance deployment on smaller scale networks that require robust, reliable video storage and management; or where discretion and physical security of the system hardware is required, such as banks, ATMs, luxury shops.

Compact Size for Discreet Deployment

Small dimensions of the enclosure allow the unit to be discretely hidden on site in a small space or hardened security container.

Reliable and Affordable x86 Platform

For the critical HW/SW requirement of surveillance systems, the proven stability and reliability of the Intel x86 platform is the best choice. Vess A8020 offers the Intel x86 platform in an affordable design.

SMARTBOOST™ Technology Inside

PROMISE proprietary SMARTBOOST™  Technology creates the most stable and high-performance storage solution for your surveillance system. Performance that can be limited by storage equipment bottlenecks is significantly improved by Promise SMARTBOOST™ Technology. With the optimized software features and Vess A8020 has the best stability and storage performance with the best C/P ratio. 

Predictive Playback

Utilizes idle recording times to monitor read patterns to predict where the next playback will be needed so the hard disk drives are not competing with the workload of the system.

Remote Active Service

Takes all worries away by proactively detecting when PSU, controllers or HDDs are going into critical condition and automatically notifying user the hardware status. A huge advantage in installations with site restrictions, such as banking, as it not only saves maintenance costs but also the headaches caused when outside support personnel need access to restricted areas.

Sequential Pattern Recording

Eliminates the heavy workloads caused by random write patterns; this feature monitors recording patterns and collects data in the cache buffer and writes data to the drives once a full stripe is ready. This creates a sequential recording pattern which offers the smoothest performance.

Reduced Complexity of Maintenance with OPAS

One Plug Auto Service (OPAS) is a feature unique to Promise Vess A series solutions. OPAS offers greater user convenience and reduces maintenance complexity of technical support. OPAS enables users to easily collect all the necessary logs and data used by the Promise support team to analyze the status of Vess A-Series Storage appliances.