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VueSign CMS

Managed Content on Demand

  • VoD (video on demands)
  • Digital signage
  • Automatic Weather RSS Updating
  • Bulletin Board Support
  • Easy and Complete Storage Solution

VueSign CMS (Content Management System) is a complete solution for Video on Demand (VoD), live streaming, and digital signage applications. With a superior total solution design; VoD, live broadcasting and digital signage content can be effortlessly managed by a delivery side, such as an organization or an enterprise.

Live Channel and VoD Playlist

A live channel can be set up from the streaming encoders for all receivers to watch. A VoD playlist can be prepared for the clients to select as well. CMS manages all the video content from delivery to display on the WebUI in a simple way.

Manage Live Channel and VoD Playlist


VoD on AVerReceiver

Through AVerReceiver, you can select and display video content from VoD playlist provided by VueSign CMS.

With the remote controller, AVerReceiver can easily select and display video content from the VoD playlist provided by the CMS. Accessing live streaming from an encoder enriches the broadcasting application in a VoD environment.


Digital Signage

Edit layout and build templates easily for your digital signage with VueSign CMS.

VueSign CMS features layout editing functions to make the most use of your digital signage platform. From ready-made templates to time stamping, scrolling ticker, RSS feeds to HTML and marquee functions, VueSign CMS enhances the ability to deliver digital signage content to meet all marketing and promotional needs.


RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

RSS feed function means there is no excuse for lackluster content. For example, incorporate the weather RSS feed into the preset template to display the latest weather status. For any RSS feed, VueSign CMS continuously pushes updated information to the receiver environment.


VueSign CMS Interface Introduction

• Live Streams • Video-on-Demand • Organizations • Categories • Media Players & Broadcasting Devices

  • Live Streams
    Start or stop live broadcasts and manage the client authority to watch live videos
  • Video-on-Demand
    Upload and manage videos on CMS and let clients watch them on AVerReceiver.
  • Organizations
    Categorize AVerReceiver into groups
  • Categories
    Categorize videos by genres.
  • Media Players & Broadcasting Devices
    Designate each AVerReceiver to an organization, and simultaneously administer broadcasts from multiple F239+ or SE510.


Digital Signage Layout Editing

  • The intuitive WebUI design is simple and easy for editing layout and building templates
  • Rich multimedia items to make the display astonishing

The intuitive WebUI  lets you easily design astonishing layout and templates.

Group Management

  • Assign groups to the channels, videos, or devices.
  • Manage the authority of video or channel to individual group to AVerReceiver of that group.
  • Set up multiple groups to easily manage and control the viewing of all contents

Assign groups to channels, videos, or devices. Manage viewing authority on videos or channels for  different AVerReceivers.

Quick Emergency Message Publication

  • Just two clicks to activate and publish the emergency message
  • The message can be published to a particular group or all groups

Quick Emergency Message Publication