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Allot Secure Service Gateway

A single, scalable solution that maximizes the visibility, security and control of your network, enabling employees and customers to use mission-critical applications from any location and at any time, while simultaneously protecting your network and your organization against inbound and outbound threats.

Understanding the challenges to your network

Your organization relies on a wide array of business-critical applications to drive productivity and profitability. When applications and your network don’t perform as expected, your business can suffer from low user satisfaction, slow uptake, and the inability to operate efficiently. Network performance can be easily compromised by the ever-increasing demand for LAN, WAN and Internet bandwidth driven by cloud, mobile and video applications. Plus, the growing use of BYOD and shadow IT increases the possibility of threats infecting network datacenters and endpoints. Allot Secure Service Gateway gives you complete visibility to all these challenges, so that you can most effectively control traffic throughout your network and secure it against threats.

Maximize business efficiency with network control and security

Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG) enables precise monitoring of traffic usage, pinpoint application performance, anomalies and threats. Define and implement real-time traffic policies to ensure quality of experience for apps and users, while detecting and blocking malicious traffic before it seriously affects your network. Allot Secure Service Gateway achieves this through a combination of:

  • App & User Visibility & Control
  • QoS Traffic Shaping
  • Traffic Steering
  • DDoS Protection
  • Bot Containment
  • Web Security

Furthermore, Allot Secure Service Gateway is scalable to the evolving needs of your organization. Allot maximizes your investment and dramatically lowers TCO by integrating all of these features and capabilities in a single appliance, and providing out-of-the-box support for more static and dynamic QoS policies than any comparable solution in the market.

Allot was chosen by Broadcom as the recommended vendor to offer a transition path from the discontinued PacketShaper line of products to the Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG).