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Promise Vess A7000 Series

Optimized for Video Surveillance

The Vess A7000 Series NVR storage appliance is specially engineered for IP video surveillance deployment on medium to large scale; ideally suited for surveillance systems in banks, malls, casinos, factories, warehouses, and commercial, residential, governmental or private enterprises. The subsystems are capable of continuous recording and playback operation without dropping frames.


Higher Capacity with Better Design

Two options for large HDD capacity enclosures are available: a 3U 16-drive (VessA7600) and 4U 24-drive (Vess A7800). The Intel E5 CPU combined with Promise Technology knowhow creates an outstanding combination of performance and reliability for Midsize to Large-Scale surveillance deployments. For larger storage system requirements, the system is cost effective using the Vess J2000 series to extend capacity without the added expense of an additional RAID server.

Reduces Deployment Costs and Complexity

Support and equipment costs are reduced; without a separate RAID storage unit to manage, there is no longer a need for a server, controller cards, external cables, and a separate storage enclosure. Additionally, the Vess A7000 Series reduces interoperability conflicts caused when integrating different hardware.

SMARTBOOST™ Technology
PROMISE proprietary

SMARTBOOST™ Technology provides you the most stable and high performance storage solution for your surveillance system. Performance limited by storage equipment bottlenecks is significantly improved by Promise SMARTBOOST™ Technology. With the optimized software features and FRU hardware design of SMARTBOOST™ Technology, you have the best stability and performance with the highest C/P ratio.

Reduce the complexity of Maintenance by OPAS & RAS

One Plug Auto Service (OPAS), a feature unique to Promise’s video surveillance solutions, offer a greater level of user convenience, helps reduce maintenance complexity and streamlines technical support. OPAS enables users to easily collect all the necessary logs and data used by the Promise support team to analyze the status of Vess A-Series NVRs. Remote Access Service (RAS) via IPMI at A7000 series enhances this feature to make maintenance even more simple and efficient.

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