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Delta UPS – Amplon Family

1kVA or higher, Single-Phase UPS

Delta’s Amplon family UPS Series offers single-phase double-conversion UPS systems for power rating requirements above 1kVA that support medium to small network devices, security and surveillance systems and POS systems. It includes the E series of true online double conversion UPSs, which provides long backup time; the N series, which provides continuous and stable power to critical loads; and the RT series with the full-time protection and output power factor of low iTHD in a rack or tower configuration.

The word Amplon (Ample + on), represents ample stability, which describes this UPS system – it maximizes space and economic benefits. Amplon systems are the perfect power management solution for small to medium enterprises, as well as financial institutes, government departments and medical centers. The Amplon Series offer the power protection solution with the highest space and cost benefits.

MX Series 1.1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon MX line-interactive UPS provides pure sine-wave quality compatibility for versatile applications and protect devices for smalland-medium businesses from power failure and voltage variations in small footprint.

N Series 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon N series is a true on-line, double-conversionUPS housed in a compact tower. It is designed to eliminatedisturbances and supply superior power quality toworkstations, POSs, ATMs or home appliances.

N Series 6/10 kVA

The Amplon N series 6-10kVA UPS is a single-phase on-line UPS with pioneering technology that provides output power factor up to unity and AC-AC efficiency to a maximum 95%. Its remarkably compact dimensions reserve more room for critical…

RT Series 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series is an online double-conversion UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment. It supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunications…

RT Series 5/6/8/10/15/20 kVA

The Amplon RT Series 5-20kVA is an online double-conversion UPS that provides best-in-class designs in compact 2U size, high power density, system efficiency, and versatile configurations to fulfill customers’ requirements.