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Digital Signage & Live IPTV Streaming

Enterprise and businesses have for years seen the advantages of using digital signage as part of their branding and marketing planning. Digital signage gives businesses the opportunity to target and pinpoint audience demographics with only the desired results at specified times and intervals. By delivering digital signage content, VoD and live streaming services effectively, digital signage providers fulfill a market demand for live and on-demand video to any location and at any time.

Uniqmac uses Content Management Server (CMS) to achieve cost efficiency and flexibility. The CMS solution is the premier model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to multimedia resources, live streaming, and management. CMS can effectively answer the digital signage question and deliver a complete solution from delivery of high quality live video streaming, Video on Demand (VoD) to a complete content management platform (CMS) to HDMI receivers/STB.



Our solution offers the ability to instantly stream over the Internet supporting both RTMP and Multicast-based streaming. Management of all content: VoD, live events and digital signage content, is enforced through the CMS platform. Standard management and customization options are included in the CMS platform – template elements, media accessibility/availability and viewing schedules are well supported. Simplifying the entire process even further is realized through the use of HDMI receivers/STB.

The CMS platform allows enterprises and businesses of all sizes to efficiently deploy and maintain a digital signage platform with minimal cost and effort across LAN, WAN or Remote Area.

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